NFL Players Stand Up to NFL with Racial Inequality Video, NFL Responds

A dozen or so black NFL players created a video directed at the NFL stating that they have the right to peacefully protest and they want the league on board. They want to NFL to condemn racism, admit their wrong in silencing their players, and that black lives matter.

I truly didn't think that they NFL would respond so quickly! The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, swiftly released a statement giving the players everything they requested. Many people are skeptical of this response and believe too little too late.

Check out the response below.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this response was ... Sooooo, where is Colin Kaepernick's apology? Is that coming? Because he DEFINITELY deserves one! Also, with this turn of events, is it possible for Colin to actually get picked up by a team now? Could he actually become an NFL player again???

What do you think?