WATCH: Da Brat's Fiance Surprises Her with a Bentley for Her Birthday!

I think we've all known for a LONG LONG time that Da Brat is gay. She never actually came out, and revealed it though so I guess this is her coming out the closet...officially. She is with beauty entrepreneur, Jesseca Dupart. Jesseca owns Kaleidoscope, which sells hair products. Clearly Miss Thing is making money because she bought Da Brat a Bentley for her birthday. This was the trigger for Da Brat to open. She posted a video (which you can see below) where she was CRYING! She was so overwhelmed with emotions. I definitely wish the two of them all the best. They seem to really be in love.

Happy Brithday Brat and Congratulations!

Check out the videos belows!

Picture Credit: Getty