Colin Kaepernick Workout Video Has Surfaced. Does He Still Look Ready?

As expected, it made national news when when it broke that Colin Kaepernick was going to hold a workout for the NFL this past weekend. The workout was initially supposed to be held in Atlanta at the Falcon's stadium, but at the very last minute, Colin changed the venue to a high school that was 60 miles away. Understandably, many of the NFL reps that came out to see him were upset. Many of them chose not to go to the new location. Colin ended up with representatives from 8 teams. Regardless, he wasted no time getting his workout video sent out to all 32 teams.

From what I have read, none of the teams have reached out to him so far. Do you think he still has it? Does he deserve to be back on that field?

Colin explains in the video below why he chose to change venues last minute.