Our brand of Spiced Rum has been on the market almost three months now... If you missed it... It's called Yo-Ho Spiced Rum and it's available at around 15 stores in Central Florida. It's also available at a few bars including Throwbacks in Sanford and Teak in Maitland and Orlando. Teak has mixed up two signature cocktails using the our Rum... "The Eye Of The Storm" and the "Yo-jito"... Both of them are pretty delicious.

After doing Yacht Rock Brunch at Teak (they do it every other Saturday... follow them in IG to get the updates) the wife and I decided to get in the test kitchen... AKA our kitchen at the house... and come up with a shot that people can easily make with Yo-Ho. We have a friend that made us a Rum Cake using Yo-Ho, so Jenn thought of the brilliant idea of a Rum Cake Shot... The first thought was adding cake flavored vodka, but that tastes more like birthday cake so we switched over to a caramel flavor and.... BOOM!!! DELICIOUS!!!

Check out the How To video and my sweet shaker moves...

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