King Harris Gets Into Explosive Argument With Parents T.I. & Tiny Harris

King Harris got into an explosive argument with his parents T.I. and Tiny Harris while he was on Instagram Live.

On Sunday night, November 26, the Harris family was at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game. Following Tip's performance at the beginning of the game, King was engaged in a conversation about his childhood. He claimed he never ate from a "silver spoon" but his parents disagreed and said that he did eat from a silver spoon. After he asserted that he mostly grew up at his grandmother's house, King began to raise his voice at his parents before things got worse.

“What’s wrong with y’all?" King yelled at his mom. "Why ya’ll doing that to me? Y’all know me, you know I stand on business. Why would you let someone play with me like that?”

“You are embarrassing yourself and your family," Tip shouted at King.

After the livestream ended, King Harris apparently left the stadium and spoke out about the scuffle in a series of Instagram Story posts. He appeared to be extremely upset with his parents.

"I Stand on. BUSINESS DONT GIVE A F**K WHO U ARE," he wrote. "IDGAF WHO U ARE MF CANT PLAY WIT ME N MY FACE NOT GOIN FOR DA IM A GROWN ASS MAN NOW ... If ima mistake say dat stop making da world think u fw me when u DONT"

As of this report, King Harris has deleted the IG Story posts. T.I. and Tiny have not commented on the situation.

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