Kehlani Reveals Justin Bieber Is A Serious Fan, Talks Co-Parenting & More

Kehlani has been opening up about their latest album Blue Water Road since it dropped at the end of last month. After collaborating with Justin Bieber on the song "Up At Night," the California singer reveals that he is a true fan of hers.

During a new interview with Angie Martinez that dropped on Wednesday, May 11, Kehlani shared their thoughts about a handful of topics like why artists need to be honest about who writes their songs and give songwriters their credit. They also spoke about their experience working with Justin Bieber and revealed why the Biebz is such a big admirer.

"He's really a fan," Kehlani said. "He calls me all the time to be like 'I love what you do for the world.' He be like 'You free right now, sis?' and he's like 'Hey love you. Just wanted to tell you, you're changing the world and what you do is important.' I'm like 'Thank you. Thank you so much.' He's really liked that. I'm sure many, many people have the same experience with him like that's really who he is."

Kehlani and JB's friendship started before they linked up for Bieber's 2020 song "Get Me." Since then, their working relationship evolved into a tight bond that apparently can't be broken. Speaking of tight bonds, Kehlani briefly discussed what its like to co-parent without any drama with the father of their child. The singer loves the fact that there's no smoke between them and believes its good for their daughter to see them working together as a family.

Kehlani touches on other subjects like the dating rumors that surrounded the "Little Story" singer and SZA following last year's Met Gala and plenty more. Watch Angie Martinez's new interview with Kehlani up top.

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