Mandy Moore Reacts to Ex Ryan Adams' Public Apology For Abuse Allegations

Mandy Moore has broken her silence on her ex-husband Ryan Adams' public apology over a year after he was accused by multiple women of sexual and emotional abuse.

While on the Today show the This Is Us star was asked about Ryan's essay for the Daily Mail where he apologized for his previous behavior and claimed that he had since become sober.

"It's challenging because I feel like in many ways I've said all I want to say about him and that situation, but I find it curious that someone would make a public apology but not do it privately," Mandy told Hoda Kotb. "I am speaking for myself, but I have not heard from him, and I'm not looking for an apology necessarily, but I do find it curious that someone would do an interview about it without actually making amends privately."

In his letter to the Daily Mail, Ryan wrote, in part, "All I can say is that I’m sorry. It’s that simple. [...] This period of isolation and reflection made me realize that I needed to make significant changes in my life. I’ve gotten past the point where I would be apologizing just for the sake of being let off the hook and I know full well that any apology from me probably won’t be accepted by those I’ve hurt.”

In February 2019, the New York Times published an article in which seven women, including Mandy and Phoebe Bridgers, accused Ryan of sexual and psychological abuse.

Ryan initially reacted to the report on Twitter, calling the article “upsettingly inaccurate.”

"I am not a perfect man and I have made many mistakes," he wrote. "To anyone I have ever hurt, however unintentionally, I apologize deeply and unreservedly. But the picture that this article paints is upsettingly inaccurate."

Mandy and Ryan divorced in 2016 after nearly six years of marriage. "I felt like I was drowning. It was so untenable and unsustainable and it was so lonely. I was so sad. I was so lonely with him," Mandy previously explained of their split on the podcast "WTF with Marc Maron."

"I knew that this wasn't the rest of my life. I knew that this wasn't the person I was supposed to be with, I knew that I wasn't the person I was meant to be," she added.

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