Watch Chris Brown Practice Dance Moves While Holding Royalty In His Arms

Chris Brown has no days off for being a father. The recording artist is the proud dad of his toddler daughter, Royalty Brown, and he makes sure that he's always there for her.

This can be pretty difficult when you have such a demanding schedule like Chris'. The singer/songwriter constantly has to be on the road, in the recording studio making new music, shooting music videos, performing at concerts around the world, attend interviews, and so much more. However, Breezy is making it known that he's very determined to always keep his little girl super close to him.

Someone posted a video on Twitter that shows Chris holding 4-year-old Royalty in his arms, while he was practicing a dance routine. By looking at the clip, it appears as though the little girl is sleeping. So, Chris didn't want to wake her up by putting her down. That's when he decided that the only thing that he could do is dance as she was in his arms. 

A Twitter account by someone named Jason Bolaños captioned the cute video, "If your baby daddy says he ain’t got time, show him this video of @chrisbrown." Take a look at the short but sweet video for yourself below. And happy almost Father's Day!


Photo: Getty Images


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