Twitter: Justin Timberlake Should Apologize To Janet Jackson At Super Bowl

On Sunday (Oct. 22) evening, Justin Timberlake announced that he'll be performing at the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show. But, that reveal was met with much criticism. 

If you can recall, Timberlake was asked by Janet Jackson to be one of her special guests when she was invited to perform as the event's 2004 headlining act. Unfortunately, what would later be known as "nipplegate" occurred. Both Timberlake and Jackson were performing "Rock Your Body" when the former *NSYNC member ripped a piece of Jackson's wardrobe, causing her right breast to show, as Timberlake said the lyrics, “Gonna have you naked, by the end of this song.”

The backlash after this act was tremendous... for Jackson, anyway. Her music videos were banned from MTV -- which produced the 2004 halftime show -- VH1, and more. Timberlake, many would argue, left the event unharmed. 

"I personally thought that was really unfair," Michael Powell, the former head of the FCC, previously told ESPN about the backlash Jackson received. "It all turned into being about her. In reality, if you slow the thing down, it's Justin ripping off her breastplate."

Now, almost 14 years later, fans of Jackson want the "Can't Stop The Feeling" singer to do right by Jackson. They say male white privilege has a major role in him returning to the Super Bowl halftime stage.

Read some Twitter reactions to Timberlake's Super Bowl halftime show return below. 


Your move, Justin. 

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