The Real Reason Cardi B And Offset (Briefly) Broke Up

Over the weekend, Cardi B and Offset had a big blowout that caused them to break up... for like 15 minutes. 

The hip hop couple low-key revealed on each of their social media accounts that they split ways, while subliminally throwing minors shots at one another. On his Instagram story, Offset posted a peace emoji, while Cardi posted a video of herself hanging out in the club with the caption, "Single." 


Since then, the two have luckily reunited. But, these posts had their fans wondering what the heck happened between them. Now, we finally know what caused the couple to split up for a little while. It turns out that their fight was mainly caused by Cardi and her quest to find her missing purple blanket. Someone took it from her and she's been looking for it for the past few days -- and accusing close ones of stealing it. 


It looks like she blasted Offset for doing so. Cardi also said that it's the "Bronx girl" in her's fault. Take a look at her admission below. 


Offset has already agreed. All is well in Cardi/Offset loveland. 


Photo: Getty Images


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