Hey, ladies, do your lives feel out of control? Don't worry, be appy! Buzzfeed has rounded up 16 smartphone apps guaranteed to help you get your life in order. Here are several of their picks (check the link for the full list):

  • Clue: Tracks your fertility cycle, period, and PMS.
  • Period Tracker Lite: A free app that tracks your period only.
  • ShopSavvy: Offers price comparison to help you find the best deal on anything you could ever want to buy.
  • Gilt: Offers up to 60 percent off designer labels.
  • Gilt City: Like Groupon, but only for local high-end establishments.
  • FidMe: Houses all your coupons and store loyalty cards in one place.
  • Snapguide: Offers step-by-step instructions for all sorts of DIY projects and recipes.
  • Toilet Finder: Never be stuck in public with no place to go ever again!
  • myPill: Helps you remember when to take your oral contraceptives.
  • OPI Nail App: Play dress-up on your fingertips!