As someone who spends his evenings talking and playing songs on the radio, I know the impact that the medium can have on a track. The airplay of a single can transform everything from the song's meaning to the career trajectory of the artists performing it.

Look no further than the band A Great Big World to see the latest example of this. Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino met at New York University eight years ago. The duo wrote "Say Something" about four years ago. After the song had key placements in 2013 on "So You Think You Can Dance?" and "The Voice," a remix of it featuring Epic Records label mate Christina Aguilera began airing on the radio. The ballad is now becoming inescapable.

As the last part of that equation takes place, a song ingrains itself in pop culture. That process usually yields reaction to and interpretation of the single from unlikely sources. In this instance, that source is a 4-year-old. Mark Blitch of Plano, Texas, uploaded this clip of his son Jackson listening to "Say Something" on the radio. According to Blitch, he tried to change the station, but Jackson insisted that he switch back to the song. The father said in the video's description that it's the first time his son has been "moved."

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