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*NSync's Joey Fatone is denying reports that he and his wife are splitting up. 

In an interview with "Omg! Insider," the former boy band performer confirmed he isn't planning on saying "bye bye bye" to his wife anytime soon. 

Fatone says he and Kelly Baldwin are "still married" and that their two daughters are doing "great."  He did admit however that he was "deeply upset" that his wife and daughters recently went on a family vacation without him, but said they were "fine." 

The reports about the couple's split surfaced just days after Joey's much-talked-about reunion with his former bandmates at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.  

Of the coincidental timing, Fatone says that "When you're on top, people try to knock you down."  The rumors stemmed from "Star" magazine, which reported that Fatone and Baldwin had been split up since February, and were keeping up appearances for their children. 

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