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Toni Braxton is laughing off her  bootylicious wardrobe malfunction.

Last week, the sexy singer had a hilarious wardrobe malfunction during a show and she’s finally setting the record straight on how she came undone onstage.

“I was dancing doing the one-two and I kind of thought, ‘Are my [breasts] exposed? I am feeling air’. The whole dress just fell apart on stage! I had a bodysuit on but it was very skimpy,” she told Yahoo.

“I can’t deny I was uncomfortable, but I made it work and the audience kind of laughed and it turned into a burlesque show. I should have charged more for the tickets. Who knew? I just thought how lucky I was that the whole thing didn’t come apart! We laughed about it and we made it work, but that’s all you can do. Breathe through it all,” she said.

We’re glad the Braxton Family Values star hasn’t lost her sense of humor!