SWV's back and their reality show on WEtv, SWV Reunited, is a clear indication of their forceful return to music. The show airs Thursdays at 10pm and it's full of the ups and down the girls, LeLee, Taj, and Coko. 

Two of the members came by The Breakfast Club, LeLee and Coko, to get everyone up to date. Taj had a flight to catch and couldn't make the interview.

Below you'll find 8 facts we've learned about these sisters with voices.

1. LeLee had a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction to flatten her tummy and to widen her hips and butt. 

2. Coko had a tummy tuck because she was tired of her bulge.

3. There's a moment where they play a clip from show. We're able to hear Charlamagne Tha God trying to date Lee Lee.

4. LeLee explains how she was "ho'ing around" during the group's peak.

5. LeLee was engaged to Ed Lover and she trashed his car when she found him with another women.

6. Coko has been married for 11 years!

7. They discuss Cory as a manager because he's shown favoritism towards Coko. 

8. As a group, they think that "R&B is dead" because it'd "turned into some pop bs"